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Fermentation Classes

Kraut and Kimchee - Basic Lacto-Fermentation
June 22, 2013
Saturday 1PM

This class will focus on the basics of making sauerkraut and kimchee.

Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)
July 14 , 2013
Sunday 10AM
This class is closed.

In this class we’ll make kombucha, water-kefir, and ginger beer. 

More Lacto-Fermentation
- Vegetable Pickles, Salads And Juices
July 27 , 2013
Saturday 1PM
This class is closed
Sauerrüben soup, ginger-carrot salad, vegetable pickles and fermented vegetable juices will be featured in this class.
August 11, 2013
Sunday 10AM
This class is closed.
This class will focus on making red wine, white wine, and apple cider vinegars. We’ll sample several different wine vinegars, learn a simple distillation method, and then titrate some vinegar to measure its acidity.
Koji – the Secret to Miso Paste... and so much more!
Sept. 7, 2013
Saturday 1PM
email Favero to register
Koji is the starting ingredient for saké, miso paste, pickles and amazake.The focus of this class is learning how to make your own koji. We’ll make, harvest and sample a fresh batch of rice and/or barley koji.
Miso YUM! Making Miso Paste!
Sept. 15, 2013
Sunday 10AM
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In this class we’ll make a batch or two of miso paste using fresh koji and a tasty legume, and pack it for fermentation. Then we’ll harvest and taste a crock of aged miso paste. (This is soy-free class.)
Wild Wines
Oct. 5, 2013
Saturday 1PM
This class is closed.
Making wine out of wild and foraged plants is not only easy, but delicious. They are also a wonderful medium for making one-of-a-kind vinegars. Not sure which wines will be included in this class, but madrone bark, parsnip, rose hip or corn silk might be among them.
Oct. 20, 2013
Sunday 10AM
email Favero to register
We’ll make tempeh from scratch during this class, eat a batch of freshly incubated tempeh, and learn how to grow and harvest Rhizopus mold spores used in the fermentation process. (This is soy-free class.)



Open Studio Sales

Sunday, November 24th  11:00 AM– 1:00 PM


Hello Friends and Fermenters:  The November sale is this coming weekend. Below is a list of what I’ll have at this sale.  Items will be sold right out of the crock or ferment vessel. So, please bring your jars and containers.  Foods are sold by the pound; and beverages by the pint.


The sale will be in the studio behind the house at 4547 S Lucile St, Seattle WA 98118.  All sales cash only.  And here’s what’s available this month:


Takuan pickle
Daikon pickled this way has 7 times more vitamin B than fresh raw daikon!

Miso paste:
Fresh miso out of the crock.  I’ll have 2 or 3 different most pastes, all soy free.

The nutrients found in miso include vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, iron, potassium, choline and lecithin. Miso is also high in dietary fiber. And sweet miso is great to use in cobbler.  Learn more:


Cranberry mustard:

a fantastic turkey condiment made with fresh cranberries from the West Seattle Farmers Market.


Fresh Aronia berry, Orange spice tea and Green tea
(check out this: )
Also kombucha mother (SCOBY)


Basic Cabbage kraut in a beautiful magenta color from the purple cabbage.  (Sauerkraut contains 20 times more bio-available vitamin C than fresh cabbage.)


Napa cabbage and mixed veggies

Lobak Asian radish


Maya and Pinto bean. This luscious bean ferment will be fresh from the incubator. (Soy free, of course.)


Tomato Juice:

This juice has been fermenting in the growler for 1 year, and it’s fantastic by itself, or as a cocktail.  Read more here:


Snuggled Egg: 
egg yolk fermented in miso paste.


Herbal Classes

Essential Oils & Hydrosols
In this class we’ll use a brandy distiller, and a simple inverted lid method to make and distill an essential oil and accompanying hydrosol.
Dates to be announced.
Herbal Tinctures
This is a beginner's course in making medicinal herbal tinctures. In this class you'll learn the Folk Method and Weight to Volume Method for tincturing by maceration, with a water-alcohol menstrum. We'll prepare, press and sample herbal tinctures.
Dates to be announced.